Door is beautiful. We are so happy with the convenience of just going out the door onto the deck.
Thank You

Violet and Tim

You are amazing…probably one of the best project managers I’ve ever seen in my entire career.
Calm and just gets it done Thanks for everything.
Lisa T



So far everything looks great; I checked all the dimensions and they are right on – Brian knows how to read a drawing, unlike some other contractors I’ve had. I am very pleased with the quality and the progress so far!

Hi Linda,

My floors are glowing, thanks to Angelo’s good work! Thanks!

Hello Linda,

Max just left after helping to put the furniture back for us.
My husband and I want to let you know how very pleased we are with the work that Max did on our floors – they are really beautiful. I tend to get a little stressed when having contractors, etc. at the house, but it was absolutely smooth sailing with Max. He is a true perfectionist, considerate of our needs, and was a great help in deciding on the stain. We decided on a blend of Early American and Special Walnut, a blend which looks great! We could not be happier. I must also mention that there was very little dust which was a nice surprise.
Please feel free to use my name if you need recommendations for Max.
Thank you for your help,

Max and Luke did a great job on refinishing our kitchen floor. It is solid maple and hard to stain. We know that from when we first installed it 14 years ago and have had it refinished once before.

Max was very patient and he stained it and finished it beautifully.

Thanks, Linda. The work Steve has been able to complete today, looks fantastic!


Max has done a beautiful job, we are incredibly pleased with the quality of his work. He said he will be back tomorrow for another coat of finish and the shoe molding.
Valerie. !

Hi Ladies,

The floor is fantastic. We LOVE it! Now I realize I have to have Max do the stairs and upstairs hall.
Thanks so much. We couldn’t be happier with the floors!! Please tell Max how happy we are.

Jeremy and I would also like to applaud the two men who worked on the floors. The floors now look like they have just been totally redone! Thank you for such great referrals – Jeremy said they were easy to work with and everything went very smoothly.

Anna and Jeremy

Also gave your name to Beth Coppola, our realtor, so that she uses you and your arsenal of contractors with future clients. She is just as awesome as you and we highly recommend her as a realtor for this area.

Linda and Andy

Great Job!
Kathy and I think you work is outstanding…..
We feel like we have a new house!!
Thanks for great work-So many craftsman are careless and ambition-less… not your team. thorough, Clean, meticulous, friendly and precision-like work. Could not have asked for more. Get us on your testimonial page!
Best Regards,
Joe (Kathy in NYC) s


Hope you’re well. Thank you to you and your team for doing such a wonderful job on the house capping all the wood trim, installing a new sidewalk , and parging the basement walls .

It looks great.


Thank you for installing our new front door. The door looks great! Thank you so much again!!

 Carolyn and Andrew 


Yes, it’s wonderful to have the bathroom in working order again and looking so sleek and clean and comfortable. It was exactly the sort of transformation I was hoping for. I can’t say enough about how thoroughly professional, competent, and courteous all your various contractors and craftsmen were throughout the entire process. Just having them all come in with pleasant and helpful demeanors and almost, without fail, being here when they were scheduled to be here, made things go so smoothly. Your entire staff (including you) provided us with services that we could not truly have managed on our own due to us being relatively new to this area. We will certainly be back in touch with you next spring to talk about assisting us again.
With best regards,

Thanks Linda, The deck looks beautiful, the quality of the job is perfect 🙂

Thanks again,

Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for sending Holly to me or our Seder on Friday night. She was very helpful and very pleasant. And I would love to have her back for Thanksgiving in November!
Lynn K.

It is unbelievable that in a matter of five (5) weeks, the condo that we own in Glenhardie was completely remodeled and sold, above the asking price.
 From the moment you walked in the door of our rental condo that was in, “not so nice” shape, you said you would take care of everything and you did. We wanted the condo remodeled and sold as quickly as possible. You said it would be finished in a matter of weeks and, frankly, based on past experience, didn’t believe you could make it happen in less than 7-8 weeks. But you are as good as your word. And, during the remodel, we were away on vacation for close to two weeks.
 First step was bringing your cleaning crew in so that we could assess the viability of keeping current materials/appliances and/or cabinets. Next, met with you and your team (contractor, electrician, plumber, floor man, painters) to decide what work needed to be done. Within a few days, we had complete estimates for all of the work which included new floors, carpeting, a completely new bathroom, granite counter tops, under-mount
sink, new lighting throughout the unit and under the cabinets, replacement of all vents and switch plates, replacement of vents in kitchen and bathroom and installation of new garbage disposal, refrigerator and dishwasher, painting the entire unit and the kitchen cabinets, etc., etc. etc. It looked like a new model unit when you finished.
 You served as the “boss”, making sure everything was done right and having it corrected if needed. We’ve had remodeling done before and, always, the final cost comes in much higher than the quote. But, with you, the job was done beautifully, not an extra dime was requested. Any little changes were just taken care without additional charge.
Last, but not least, the cost for doing this work came in $10k less than an estimate we received from a contractor for similar work. I’ve always been pleased with your cleaning service and it was truly accidental that I found out your organization did this type of work. Your employees are always respectful and pleasant to be around. I can’t thank you enough for making this dreaded project so easy. Oh, I forgot to mention that in the first two days that it was shown, we had three firm offers. I’m so grateful to you and all of those who worked on this project. I’m happy to be a reference anytime if you ever need that support.
With gratitude,
Pat Y.

Yes Linda, I got your heads up on the article reporter. She hasn’t called yet. We did use quite a few of your services, didn’t we? It really is a great convenience for a property manager (or caretaker as my son calls me) to have you secure a single house key and coordinate different workers as things need to be done. You have a good network of workers, too, that are already vetted, conscientious, and reasonably priced for the area. The services we used on this job included pest inspection, emergency plumbing repair, drywall repair, caulking, painting, carpet cleaning, hardwood floor power cleaning, waxing, buffing, screening, and hole repair, carpet removal, light cover and HVAC vent cover replacement, and move-in cleaning that “touches every surface” as your two cleaning ladies explained. I think that is all the services—if I forgot one just remind me. You were patient with the quoting process as we worked out scope and cost issues with the owner from a very long distance. You were similarly patient with the paint color selection process. And last, but not least, you finished right on time. The house is ready to go two weeks before she moves in and ten days before I go on vacation!

Kathleen C.

Just wanted to thank you all for Cassie and Tasha, they were fabulous last night! The party was a grand success.

Thanks again!
Nate P.

Wayne said things looked great. I did meet your employees, thorough, and they were very, very nice. I felt totally comfortable leaving things in their hands. the way, I do plan to send in a testimonial to your website. In addition, I am going to do a little review (and recommendation) of your company’s work for an on-line “help column” a friend of mine runs. It goes to about a hundred women on the Main Line. I know for sure that lots of them are planning to downsize, like we’re doing, some time in the near future. I’ll include a link to your website so that they know you do other things as well.

Judy H. 

Wow the deck looks fantastic!! Very pleased with Brian’s work! Thank you.

Suzy G.

Thank you for all the info. and the warm welcome to Devon. Your help with our transition is greatly appreciated.


Re: the first cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleanup, powerwashing and deck staining. All your workers did an excellent and better than expected job! Thanks again.

Varana D. 

First, I neglected to say what a great job everyone did on the air duct cleaning and the post-construction cleanup.


“WOW, OH MY GOSH, WOW, IT LOOKS LIKE A NEW HOME! Brian did such an awesome job on power washing the house.


Coreen did a fabulous job – she is wonderful! Our floors look terrific. Thank you for taking care of this problem. It is much appreciated and we respect the integrity it shows.

Cindy S. 

Thank you for a job well done! The party was a success!

Barbara B.

George did a wonderful job “fixing” the walls in the bathroom. Ceiling is done, and shower, too. He’s got a full coat of the blanket brown on and wow! It’s really changed the look of the room. Trim looks very nice, as well. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing finished!

Judimare T. 

Wojcieck painting “Looks Fabulous!”

Nan W.

Boy are we pleased with the window cleaning. Russ did a wonderful job! Please tell him I’ve been smiling all day as I look out of my clean windows.

Linda N.

My wife and I are very pleased with Charles’s crown molding installation and timely arrival as well as his pleasant demeanor.

Ron and Carolyn M.


re: the deck and powerwashing, We love it! They did a fantastic job. Many thanks,

Lesley McP

Hi Linda, Diane and Jen,

you guys were a life saver in terms of helping us get settled! Wojack did a great job painting and we would work with him again.
O’Neill A.

Dear Linda

Just a short note to tell you all the work done at my place this weekend was excellent! The windows look GREAT! The girls did a SUPER job! Everyone was professional. right on time, courteous, neat, and did things exactly how I like them done. I can not say enough about the quality of workmanship and what truly nice, professional people they were. Thank you .
Pat K.

We’re thrilled with the paint Job!! Russell was great to work with and he did a fantastic job…. the house is transformed!!

Chris H.

Good Evening Country Cleaners Just wanted you to know that George was AWESOME. The job looks great and he really left the place nice and clean. GREAT GUY TOO!!! VERY professional!! Oh——-good painter also. Thank you


Hi Linda!

We were so pleased with the window cleaning! Excellent job and my daughter expressed how nice the people were, so many thanks!! Definitely will want a repeat in time
Jan C.

Just wanted to drop you a note about how pleased I was with the painting job by Wojack. He was on time, did a fabulous job, and left the room spotless. Also, Karen is doing a great job cleaning, goes above and beyond. She’s the best cleaner I’ve had. And, the window cleaners were great too.

Anita Z.

Hi Linda, Jen and Diane,

Just wanted to let you know George and Billy did a fabulous job painting the First Floor of the house. Both men were very flexible with my changes as well as the craziness of our family with four young children. Specifically, the men were very clean and tidy meaning they always left at the end of the day with everything back in place to the best of their abilities. Further, each room was painted individually to ‘contain’ the disruption in the house.
I would highly recommend the team and hope to have them paint the other rooms in the house sometime in the future.
Judy E. 

Hi Linda,

Roger just left & I’m very happy with the sliding door. Very nicely done. He explained how he would handle the TV wires/electrical & it makes sense. Even if we make further improvements we can use this set up. Let’s run with it.

Hello team.: Tell John , Andy, and Neal It looks great! We haven’t seen a need for a punch list. If there were anything, it would be so minor that we would simply have you do it in the next painting phase of the house. Thank you.

Kelly and Sam 

Thanks so much for the update Linda! Everything sounds great! I appreciate your expertise and ability to pull it all together! Have a good rest of the day!


 Hi Linda! The work that Woj has done so far is incredible! The house looks wonderful, such a great difference… Please tell him how happy we are with how everything came out


Linda and Andy

Great Job!
Kathy and I think you work is outstanding…..
We feel like we have a knew house!!
Thanks for great work-So many craftsman are careless and ambition-less… not your team. thorugh, Clean, meticulous, friendly and precision-like work. Could not have asked for more. Get us on your testimonial page!
Best Regards,
Joe (Kathy in NYC) s :