Just to tell you we were very pleased with the cleaning on Friday.

Your ladies were pleasant, thorough and competent.  We hope to see them again in two weeks.

Mary Ellen

Thanks Linda!! We are thrilled with how it all went!   We never imagined our home to sell so quickly.
All you did to prepare it really made a difference.




I absolutely love my new flooring. Rayan did a fabulous job.

And Elite Chimney is coming out next week to discuss converting my fireplace

Thank you so much.




I’m so impressed by your business. After redoing and buying 4 houses

I am glad I found you!



Hi Linda,

I was so happy to come home from a trip and find my house so clean.

I was wondering when my first monthly cleaning will be.

Thanks Linda.



To your team.

The home looks fantastic! I finally made it over there to check everything out.

We will be getting it on the market now.

Thank you so much.



We sold the house yesterday. and are very pleased with the end result largely in part to your work and of course JOHN COLLINS work.

Thank you so much for finding the knockdown door solution to the patio. The couple who are buying our house sent us a letter and mentioned how clean the house was and how pristine the bathrooms were.

Thank you so much again. If you ever need a recommendation please don’t hesitate to call on us.


John S.


Linda/Sue – the girls have done a FANTASTIC job i today. if there is any chance of having this team every other week, we would love it.

They really went above and beyond – vacuuming, dusting all of it. They should be commended!!! We are thrilled!

Thank you!

Tammy C.


Thank you so much for everything I really appreciate the great job everyone has done preparing our home to move in.

V.M. 12-20-21


Settlement went very smoothly , no issues! Thanks to you and your girls for doing such a wonderful job cleaning !!

Christine O.


My house looks awesome. One call and you took care of power washing, mulching, house painting, house cleaning, window washing and needed repairs. Everything to make my home appealable for sale.

All In a week. You are amazing! I am so glad I called you.

Dr. and Mrs. M.


Yes, I was very pleased with the effort and thoroughness. I was a bit concerned with the price upfront, but now that the job is complete I feel it was worth the work. I will definitely keep your number. Thanks again!




Just an FYI!
The gentlemen here today, Steve and his associate, did a fantastic job!
We are very pleased with the results and their professionalism!
We may be contacting you soon about some painting or cleaning!
We highly recommend you all!
Darlene and Jim S.


Thanks Linda! Renee did a fabulous job! Everything is sparkling and smells so clean. So so happy!

Thank you,

We have been so thrilled with Ronda – she took the load off of me during a really stressful time. She has done an amazing job cleaning our house.

We are also just so happy with your company and the work you have done. We recommend you to everyone and will absolutely be using your services in the future.

Thanks so much,



Hi Linda,

Your team did such a great job on Saturday. I remember their faces and greeting each of them as they arrived, but apart from that I really did not get a chance to thank them personally for the great job they did. They disappeared into the dusty corners of my home and worked miracles! I sincerely appreciated everything, especially over the weekend as I repeatedly found it all so clean and done with such care and attention to detail. Please relay my appreciation to all five members of your great team whom you have trained so well!
Thank you.
Debra G.


Hi Linda,

Your team did a fabulous job. They even discovered disconnected sections and
reconnected them after cleaning. The two men were very nice and really did a great job!
It smells so clean! I really am pleased with their work.
Thank you,


HI Linda and Michelle,

I’m not sue who you sent to my house today, but she was awesome!!! I apologize, I
don’t remember her name.
Just thought I would let you know

Lou and I are VERY VERY happy with the job Andy and John have done in this house.

The office/guest room looks amazing.


The place looks wonderful!!! You have a fantastic Team! Thank you



Linda – thanks so much to you and your entire team for the great job they did for me. As you know, this

move has been a real challenge for me but you and your team made it easy. Steve worked miracles
cleaning the windows. Alina and Rhonda made my whole house sparkle. Dale made the carpets look like
brand new. Your responsiveness and courtesy are uncommon in today’s business environment. I
sincerely appreciate it.
Best wishes to everyone.


BTW, the cleaners did a wonderful job. I don’t want us to touch a thing!

Thanks again.
Anne Marie


Again, it is a distinct pleasure to work with you and all your employees. You are all hardworking,

professional and fun—couldn’t expect more! I am looking forward to my “new” home. Thanks for helping
me make that happen and making it so much easier.



I have been on a rampage dealing with terrible customer service lately and filing complaints left and right. And frankly it’s getting me down. I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love your company, and particularly Jackie.
I have been working with you for over 4 years now and no matter what I need, your team is exquisite. But Jackie is near and dear to me. Not only does she do a fantastic job every time she comes out for the regular service, but I can tell that she really cares about me and my family and my house. She was here on Thursday and always comes after we leave for the day. That morning I thought I saw the cat run outside, but my husband said no, so we took off and didn’t think another thing of it When I got home late Thursday night there was a note from Jackie letting me know that she did find my cat outside and got him inside for me. She had remembered that we have a neighborhood covenant that bars him being outside on the loose and saved us from losing him and/or getting fined. I am amazed for two reasons: first, that she remembered this detail at all since I probably last mentioned it in passing over a year ago. And second, because he is a pain in the ass to corral in so I am sure it was not fun or easy.
But that’s Jackie: great attention to detail, impeccable character, conscientious, thorough and profoundly trustworthy.
Thank you,


We have been very pleased with the services and accommodations provided from the Company. Thank

you , in advance, for your help with this timeline and all of your flexibility.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Connie D. 


Hey Linda, Jay was TOTALLY IMPRESSED with your crew !!!!!!!!

VERY, VERY, VERY PLEASED. Jay said that crew worked their ass off !!!
House smells GREAT
Jay said your batting 1,000. Very professional !!!!!!
I can’t wait. You have definitely made my life easier from here on !!!!!
For sure…you and your crew are the BEST !!!!!!
First time in 20 years, I swear, he has no complaints, I swear I can’t believe what he is saying…SO
HELP ME GOD….20 YEARS …NO LIE.. you guy’s must be “GOD’S ANGEL’S “
That’s what Jay said. I never heard good reviews in 20 years, so help me God with Jay…he always
expects the very BEST !!! YOU DELIVERED
I’m still in SHOCK for what JAY has said..20 years !!!!!!!

Your team are miracle workers!! It looks so much better!! They did a great job.

I’ll be in touch,
Thanks very much!


Linda, what a great experience.

Your team were hard working, polite and made my home sparkle! Loved it!


Hi Linda

I am beyond pleased 😄. I can’t tell you how calm I am feeling this morning. Gone is the Sunday morning panic I typically experience when I have been out of the house 11 hours Mon to Fri between work and my commute, gone all day Saturday at the boys sporting events, and knowing we will be in Delaware today for a soccer game. I can actually enjoy a cup of coffee this morning instead of surveying what needs to be done in the house and feeling so overwhelmed because there just isn’t enough time in the day.
The team was very friendly, did a great job and I noticed the little details like pillows fluffed on the couch, the pictures arranged neatly etc.
even my husband commented how nice everything looks and he never notices anything like that!
Dominic was excited his trophies were dusted and Dean was relieved his Legos were intact!
Sam wanted to join the team but we thought it would be better if he stayed in the basement so he didn’twander out.
Two weeks works for me. Maybe on Friday? And yes I agree the Windows would be the icing on the cake.
Thanks again Linda I am looking forward to a very long and happy relationship!!


Linda, Sue, Michelle:

 To say I am “Over the Rainbow” over here on the cul de sac this morning is an understatement!
Patience showed up and really impressed the life out of us with her expertise, enthusiasm, energy — this place has never looked better!
 I warned my husband that he needed to put on his sunglasses before coming up to see the phenomenal job that Patience did. And he, who never notices much around here, was bowled over by the results!
 I have several of your brochures and intend to spread the word about your services.
Thank you so much for extending the courtesy of redeeming the over-due contract.
 One less thing to do before a houseload of guests this Saturday! Woo-hoo!
And yes — you may quote me! 🙂
Regina K.


She did great. I’m always pleased with whomever you send . You have a great team

Lisa J.


Hello Linda, Sue and Michelle,

First, a huge thank you to Sue for rearranging the schedule to fit us in on such short notice. Bravo. The notes you took were well defined to the team and it showed.
John and I are most satisfied with the job Kelly, Reginald, Dominique and Russ did on our very dusty house. Our windows are sparkling, and our floors are gleaming. Reginald gave our old DR set new life. Poor Kelly washed our floors on her hands and knees. I even supplied the mop and bucket, and she insisted on doing each inch by hand. She spent so much time on the crusty old range, I had to stop her. lol (It’s never been so clean.) I am not sure where you find such diligent, pleasant workers, but I commend you.
Michelle did a great supervision of the work in process. I was impressed with the care she took to make sure the job was getting done right!
Many thanks for your top shelf service.
~John and Tina 


Haven’t made it to the house in the last few days but realtor said all was done and looking good! Powerwashing, landscaping, window cleaning, floor scrubbing, and house cleaning . Thank you again for all your help and doing it all!




Within 3-1/2 hours after your cleaning team left yesterday afternoon, we got our first of 3 offers on the house and two more today. And we SOLD it!
Two were above asking price and one matched it.
Many thanks to you and the 4 ladies in the cleaning team; to Andy, John and Danny who did an awesome job on the basement; to Russ who made the windows sparkle; and to Brad and his landscapers who made the yard look fantastic.
Thank you again,
Sally Denk Hoey


We thank everyone for their good work, and really appreciate our home looking clean and sparkling for the first day of school and Rosh Hashanah! The basement is wonderful. I think Russ and Paul may have forgotten a CD player and CDS at our house today, which we leave on the bench near the kitchen door. When I saw Linda, she mentioned a contractor to apply a sealant to the basement walls. Because we get so much water down there, Howard fears no sealant would hold. If the contractor Linda is thinking of could also do replastering, we would like to think about that.

Best regards,



We are going over to the house today to say goodbye. The house looked great yesterday, Alina did a wonderful job,
she’s a hard worker. And a joy to talk to. We will keep you in mind in the future if we need your services.
Thanks again,

Linda, you beat me to the punch! I was going to email. I wanted to tell you that you were right-I do love Gina. She is, as you say, motivated, hardworking, professional and really wants to do a good job. The house really looked good and Les and I are very pleased.
 Joanne. I’m not home, traveling for business, but my husband said the house looks great! Thank you for following up and making sure we are pleased. It is such a relief to know I’ll arrive home tomorrow from being on the road to a clean home. Katie A Gina did an excellent job! She really paid attention to what was important to me. She cleaned the inside and outside of the big sliding doors, which hadn’t been done before and that made a big difference. Thanks Joan Linda,

They did a great job! My bathroom and shower haven’t been this clean in years!

Christine Mc


We thought you did a very nice job, a clear improvement from the last service we used.

Michael C.


Ok great…the place looks wonderful.

Kay H.


Hello ladies, Everything was great with the first cleaning. We are interested in every other week. Please let me know what the regular day and time will be. Thank you

Owen M.


I wanted to let you know, that as of last night we sold our house and will be moving at the end of July. Today is the last time we’ll need Gretchen to come and clean our house. Gretchen did a fantastic job cleaning our house are sad to say goodbye to her. Once we are settled in our new home, we will be contacting you again for cleaning  services. If Gretchen doesn’t mind driving to Springfield we would love to continue having her come to our house. Thank you so much for providing such a great service. I never thought anyone would clean my house better than I would but Gretchen has definitely proved me wrong:) It’s been a pleasure working with your company and we look forward to having you clean our house in the future.

Charlton T. 


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Gina. She did a fantastic job and I’d like to have her be my permanent Friday cleaner if possible.

Laura H.


Gretchen is the very best!!! Tell her I said so!!!
Belack B.


Yes, we know they (cleaning crew) are coming tomorrow and happy to have them! We were very pleased with the first floor cleaning. We would like to get on the schedule for bi-weekly cleaning. Please contact me so we can set a schedule. Thanks again and “Great Job” to your crew.

Jim I wanted to let you know that we were really pleased with this weeks cleaning. I hope you will pass along ourappreciation to the “new team”.

Hirsh B.


Thanks for the great recommendations for the vacuum. We’ll make that a priority for the next cleaning on 4/9. (as well as picking up the other supplies) As for the work that Ashley did, we are extremely happy with the house! It looks terrific! I can only imagine what Ashley can do with a vacuum that works at full capacity. She truly did a fantastic job and we look forward to having her back, so please pass along our thanks.

Angstadt K. 


You did a wonderful job on cleaning the house so that the renters could move in. Everything was cleaned as stated, and your response time was great! When the renters move out, we will hire you to clean again before the permanent pastor moves in.

Horn G.


Dawn was simply terrific! Peter and I were delighted! I spent 98% of my time actually visiting with our guests, which was a true blessing. Dawn is clearly an expert in this area. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback!



 The girls did a great job! Let’s schedule again if they’re available.

Klaus K.


 We are pleased with the cleaning WOW what a difference when a professional does it.


Thank you for getting in touch. I appreciate the assistance I received in December. Above and beyond . My eyes dazzled when I returned home!!. Thanks again, Maureen
I am cc’ing this email to Linda’s Country Cleaners. Very complimentary: We have a client that is looking for are commendation for a house cleaner. I immediately thought of the company that cleaned your house as they did the best job I’ve ever seen. Would you mind emailing me their name so That I may pass it on? Thank you. Alicia
Wessels D.


I was pleasantly surprised upon inspecting the house after your cleaning people had finished. The windows were wonderfully clear and the sunlight was bright inside. The condition of the house was much improved, as there had been no cleaning for the last 20 plus years. The wood work and walls looked so much better, and the floors, amazing how clean they came up. The kitchen was absolutely disgusting before your people lifted years of grease, filth and crud from the countertops. I expected a dramatic improvement in the condition of the house; your people exceeded my expectations. Good work on a quick turn around at a fair price. We are very happy with your work and are willing to serve as a reference.

Hepburn A.


Thanks for checking in and for the cleaning Sue and Danielle did. The side porch and kitchen all look Great! Bob

I wanted to tell you that Ronda did an excellent job last week. Thank you.

Rosanne D.


Hi- I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the cleaning that Kelly and Ty did today. I hope you will

convey how much we appreciate their work. Thanks to you all for such good service!
Barbara H.


I just wanted to take a moment to send you a note about one of your house cleaners, Sue. We just started working with her on 10/4 and I could not be happier with the work that she did for us. Our house looks amazing and she was so thorough with her cleaning. I appreciate her hard work and just want to pass it along to you! Thank you for pairing her up with us and we look forward to working with her moving forward. thank again!

Tracy S.


Cleaning was WONDERFUL!! Thanks to everyone who made our house so sparkly.We are thrilled to have found you.

Anna M. 


I wanted to thank Gretchen for doing such a wonderful job on the bathroom and shower tile. She really worked hard to remove the buildup and the shower door is sparkling.

Remick S.


Everything went well- the cleaning looks great and I appreciate it!

Farley K.


Thank you for sending such great people to clean & organize. Was nice to see how well they got along and coordinated their work. Jenn is very professional–I really had most of my organizing done, but we weeded out and I now have things to go thru.



Jennifer did an amazing job and I spent the last hour just reopening the cabinets, fridge, walking around andadmiring. Basement and walls that WERE embarrassing…very very happy. Thanks Sandra.

I was very pleased with the work completed today. The women were very pleasant and thorough. They all worked

really hard.
Suzanne G. 


I just wanted to let you know that Mysti did a wonderful job today – thank you so much for assigning her to work at my home! We also got along really well and I look forward to see her again in 2 weeks.

Michelle, Emily and Kelly did a fabulous job on Saturday! I now have my house back after being buried under all the construction dust. It feels and looks so good! Many thanks for the great job your 3 girls did!

Judi L. 


Outstanding”!!! Jackie did an awesome job on the bathrooms! and nice job in the kitchen too! She was well worth the $$$ and my kittens were safe too : )

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Cindy for doing a wonderful job cleaning my apartment the first time!

To come home to a clean home was so awesome. I can’t even describe it! Please tell her she rocks : )

Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with Karen’s service. She does a great job and we really appreciate her

efforts. Many thanks,
Joanne B. 


I have to write to let you know how very pleased I am with all of the cleaning services your company has provided me so far. The window, carpet and spring cleaning by your staff have left my house sparkling and fresh. You can be so proud of the people who work for you. They provide the highest quality service and are so respectful of the people and houses they are working with. I have no doubt that our relationship will be a long term one and I would not hesitate to use or recommend your services again and again. Appreciatively,

Fran H. 


Hi, Everything was great. I really enjoyed having Ronda & Mary in my home. They did a great job cleaning. Will see them in two weeks. Thanks

Gale B. 


Coreen did an amazing job!!! She is very personable, detail oriented and customer friendly. Thanks again for a job well done!!

Connie K.


Thank you for the follow up. We are very pleased! Karen did a wonderful job. Thanks,

Joanne and Les 


Ashley is fabulous, flexible, adaptable and thorough!

Cindy M.  


Jackie did a wonderful job with all three bathrooms. They look, feel and smell fresher and cleaner than ever before. She was a very hard worker, too. Arrived ahead of schedule and didn’t stop until the job was done. Thank you for assigning her to this job. Thank you.

Judimarie T. 


This whole two days and the results of it are a huge “shot in the arm” in our efforts to catch up to our home and enjoy it and keep it nice. So we are both very pleased and enjoying the wonderful work your folks have done. In addition, everyone was very polite and friendly and easy to have around. So we are very pleased about the service we received and very motivated to continue! Many thanks again for your enthusiasm and the wonderful service.

Michele M.


Milby did a fantastic job! Everything looks great! and I really appreciate that he finished all the detail work last night! Thank you!!!



Thank you the house looked gorgeous when I got back from vacation. I would love to talk to you about a reg. schedule.

Kim H.  


Crystal and Khrystyna made a great job. I appreciated their work and they were very efficient. Best regards,



Thank you for your follow-up. Yes, the house looked great…Crystal did a great job! Best Regards,

Bruno K.


Patty did an excellent job for us. I thought she cleaned very well. I hope that I can call you again in the future.

Julie S. 


I appreciate you having found someone at the last minute. It is great to have my home in shape for my guests.



I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed having Mysti today. My husband made the comment that she was very diligent in her work. She was very through. Thank you again, I liked her alot.

Buysse S.


Thank you very much. Thank you for all your work. Our house looks so much better because of it.

Ali Imran


Thank you for the extremely thorough house cleaning done yesterday. We were pleased and the girls were wonderful. Please pass on my thanks.

Proutt L.


Thank you to Lisa, who worked very hard to bring my house to a clean state; after 3 months of no cleaning because of illness, it was pretty grimy. Lisa was undaunted. I am well pleased with having my house back to the look it should have. It is a comfort to have someone who cares so much to do a good job. I appreciate the care I got. Pat



Just a note re: Amy. She was wonderful yesterday, not that she isn’t always wonderful, but what a fantastic job she did with after-Christmas cleanup!

Gottschall P.


I have to say that Laura was great!

Catherine G.


Felicia and I think the girls did great and that’s something for her to say that. Thanks for everything.

Patton D.


I wanted to let yu know the cleaning on Sunday was great. The girls were very professional, meticulous, and pleasant. Please let Ronda, Karen, Chris, Kelly and Coreen know I applaud them for all their outstanding work.

 I was very pleased with the cleaning. I would love to do the upstairs and have regular service done. My husband agrees with me too. Thank You.

 Donna W. ncey R.


Can I reaffirm how much I love your service? ;o) Mysti really does such a great job – I am thrilled. Additionally, based on the quality of work for Wojack and Mysti, I would literally never hesitate to hire or recommend the wonderful “Linda qualified’ professionals! Take Care,

Georgette K.


 wish to thank both Khrystyna & Annaliese for their excellent service in their care of my home. Please feel free touse me as a reference.

Minnucci D.


Karen was absolutely fantastic! She went above and beyond which we more than appreciate.

Julie V.


Amy was wonderful. She was organized and productive, a pleasure to have around, and bonded well with the family almost immediately. She allowed me to enjoy the holiday in a much more relaxed way. Thank you for sending her.

Estee P.


Thank you, Linda!! Ladies did a superb job! ALL THE BEST!

Kelly J.


Karen did a nice job last week. Thanks,

Joyanna Z.


Mysti was wonderful – thank you! Very friendly, professional and did a fantastic job! I’m very happy. Thanks so much,



Hey Linda,

Amy did a great job and she’s very nice and personable. Much more detail oriented.
Nair K.


Linda, Diane and Jen

Amy did a wonderful job. She was thorough, conscientious, and very caring. I’m sure we will get along very well.
Thank you.
Bezar S.


Thanks for following up. Desi was fantastic. She did a great job, especially considering how much there was to do. Thanks,

Brown J.


Please let Mysti know wha a great job she did cleaning our house yesterday.

Heed J.


The house looked lovely, I was very pleased with what Crystal did. Kind regards, Amanda Khrystyna did a nice job. Thanks!

Kevin M.


Crystal did a fantastic job & the upstairs is sparking!! Can’t wait to have her back & we’d like to schedule her for next Friday.

Please let her know how thrilled we are with the work she’s done.
Chris H.


Thanks for your message. The ladies worked hard and did a good job. We’re happy to have a nice clean house. Going forward with the two cleanings per month schedule, Wednesdays are good for me.
Sheppard D.


July 2009

When I got home late this afternoon, I was very pleased with the job Khrystyna and Gretchen had done. When they arrived this morning, I felt very comfortable with them and liked how they worked so well together. Also, I enjoyed meeting Charlie and am looking forward to receiving his estimate. I felt very comfortable with him, too. Thank you,


Hi Linda,

I just wanted to let you know that Desertray, Mary and Christine did a fabulous job on Saturday cleaning our house. Since developing my back problem, I have let things go and it is such a pleasure to be in a sparkling clean house again! They are such hard workers and I know, since I’ve done it myself for all these years. Please let them know how much I appreciate the wonderful job they did. They are incredibly thorough! I am telling all of my friends that they should “treat” themselves to a “spring clean.” What a difference it makes in quality of life. I’m looking forward to having the carpets cleaned on Friday. That will be the icing on the cake. Thanks again for your extremely valuable service Thanks,


Shannon did a thorough job and she was nice to have in my home. I look forward to having Shannon again in two weeks. Thanks



Thank you for the follow up. My husband and I were very pleased. Lisa did wonderful work and hope to work with her in coming weeks. Very happy with the results!

Tina C.


To: Linda’s Country Cleaners regarding note from family for Rosa who cleaned for their deceased family member. Please extend thanks to Rosa on behalf of Linda’s family for her hard work, care and compassion. She came to visit Linda in the hospital and I met her again at the memorial service and I know she was much more than someone who just cleaned for Linda. She was also a friend and companion. Thanks

Bob C.


Dear Karen,

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the excellent work you do. The house Sparkles! You washed my rags! Even my closets are in great shape!
We Love You- Thank you so Much!
Jing C.


Dear Linda,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I was with the cleaning job your staff did at my home on Saturday, June 16, 2007. It was outstanding and I was extremely pleased with what a thorough and professional job the two ladies did. They were very professional and accommodating to my requests; always asking for direction or clarification when they were unsure of what had been requested by me.
Due to extreme fatigue and a demanding full time job, I had not kept up with my housecleaning in over a year and I was surprised at how much the ladies accomplished in such a short time. The psychological benefit to me of having a sparkling, clean house was well worth the money spent. I would be glad to serve as a reference for future customers and I would definitely use your service again. Once again, thank you for accommodating my “rush” schedule (I called on Tuesday and Carol worked me in on Saturday) and for making my home a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live.
Kathleen W., PhD


“I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you have given me.”

Pat F. 


“Amber was great! She was a good worker and so cheerful. Someone at the party commented, “Oh. You got the mold off this time!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Linda L. 


“Amber did a fabulous job despite not having hot water. She maintained a happy disposition and did a great job! Please call so I can arrange to have regular cleaning”

Betty D. 


“The girls did a really good job and were so pleasant.”

Susan H.


“The girls did a very good job; they really moved and were very nice–willing to help with anything. I have no complaints, would recommend your company and will use your services again in the future.”

Phyllis G. 


Hi Linda!

Kate is looking for a new cleaning service to recommend to clients. I will see her on Monday and will give her your brochure, but feel free to call her and introduce yourself! Shadow Oak looked amazing when I was there yesterday. What a difference a clean house makes! Thanks.
Jane H.
Home Staging 



“I can’t thank you enough for the terrific job you did last time. The house just sparkled.”
Bob C. 


Hi Linda,

Yes! Everything looked great! Especially the kitchen floor! Thanks so much

Linda, Sue, Michelle,

Just a quick note to say the house looks great. The girls were wonderful, Very friendly and very helpful about products we can use. Thank you so much for your help.
Marie C. 


We thank everyone for their good work, and really appreciate our home looking clean and sparkling for the first day of school and Rosh Hashanah! The basement is wonderful. I think Russ and Paul may have forgotten a CD player and CDS at our house today, which we leave on the bench near the kitchen door. When I saw Linda, she mentioned a contractor to apply a sealant to the basement walls. Because we get so much water down there, Howard fears no sealant would hold. If the contractor Linda is thinking of could also do replastering, we would like to think about that.

Best regards,





I keep forgetting to email you, but I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a great job Luanne does. She is fantastic. She is so thorough. I really appreciate her!!! Thanks!


The girls were pleasant and good workers. I really appreciate their hard work as you know it was more than I could take on. Hi Linda

Kate N


The house cleaning is excellent…floors, kitchen, windows all look good….great job…..we will be removing items from the garage once the house is under contract (including the items in the basement)…..

Tony M.

 I think Alina is just wonderful and I am excited that she will be able to help me out. You’ve been great as well Sue and I just can’t praise LCC & CP enough.

The ladies did a wonderful job! It’s almost a shame that I have to move in and make it dirty again! Thank you for your help with this property.

Thank you so much!!! So happy to have the house clean! The girls were amazing! Thank the girls for me 😊

Thank you,

Ashley M. Force-Mellor

You & Linda are amazing!
Kiona is amazing!
Mom said she did a beautiful job fixing everything and is so sweet.
We cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance during this crazy, stressful, unknown and unfamiliar journey for our family.

Judy Prendergast